Sunday, November 9, 2008

Setting the Stage

Now that we've had opportunities to have individual meetings with all the athletes and using the motivation and knowledge gained from the Triathlon Canada and Petro-Canada Sport Leadership conferences, I thought it would be a good time to lay out some overall goals and principles for the season. In the coming weeks, I plan on expanding on each of the "principles" outlined below. 

2008-09 Core Principles:
1. Consistency - adopting a consistent approach to training and racing, not just in attendance, but in focus and effort.
2. Detail - taking care of the small things that make up the difference between 95% performance and 100%.
3. Negotiation - or more specifically, non-negotiation - a.k.a. sticking to the plan.
4. Teamwork - working together to beat the rest!
5. Risk - taking chances at the right time and making smart decisions.
6. Nutrition - ensuring that performance is not compromised and hopefully optimized from some basic nutrition principles.
7. Recovery - ensuring that the body is given the time to produce the positive performance adaptations.

In addition to monitoring everyone's individual goals, we will also evaluate our progress against these principles as a measure of the team's success throughout the season. More to come over the next few weeks!!

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