Monday, August 10, 2009

Racing Update

Lots to update over the past month and a bit. Starting off with Junior Nationals in Gatineau, the team headed up for their key race of the season. Thunderstorms and torrential rains greeted the athletes making for a wet warm-up and very slippery bike course. John ended up having his best ever bike and run performances (and third best swim performance) to finish up 21st overall. Sister Sarah had a lifetime best race with her best ever bike, 2nd best ever swim and 3rd best ever run performances ending up 31st overall. David had his 2nd best ever race with a 3rd best ever swim, 2nd best ever bike and 3rd best ever run, finishing 41st overall. Derek had his best ever swim, however, flatted with 2.5km to go in the bike. He still managed to finish the race with his 2nd best ever performance! Here are some pics from the event:

The following week, Derek headed to Montreal to race in Age Group Nationals in the pool. He had strong swims in several freestyle events and finished the meet with the 5k open water race in the Olympic rowing basin. 

Also that weekend, David Hopton raced the Trisport Series event at Belwood Lake. Finishing 2nd Junior, David had his best ever non-drafting bike and run performances leading to his best ever non-drafting race.

John and Sarah resumed racing yesterday at the Niagara triathlon in Grimsby. Both finished third in the Junior ranks. On the same weekend Derek finished first Junior at the Windsor triathlon, which followed a 2nd place at the Bala Falls triathlon two weeks prior.

Great month of racing team!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Coteau-du-Lac served as the second National Junior Series race and as Junior Provincials. Using the Coach Dan performance ranking pts system, David, Derek and John all had their best race ever and Sarah also had her best result that's currently in the coach's database. Everyone had a few small areas of improvement possible that will  lead to even faster performances in 1.5 weeks at Junior Nationals in Gatineau. Here are the team's results and some photos:

John Rasmussen: 8th in Provincials, 16th Overall, best swim ever making the first chase pack

Derek Quick: 11th in Provincials, 31st Overall, swam in the first pack into T1

David Hopton: 12th in Provincials, 32nd Overall, also best swim making the first chase pack

Sarah Rasmussen: 8th in Provincials, 32nd Overall, also a best swim performance

Affiliate Member Angela Quick (PTC): 3rd Ontario, 14th Overall

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lakeside Sprint

Lakeside Team Photo on the podium: First to Third in the Junior Men's race (1st, 2nd and 4th Overall) and First in the Junior Women's race (2nd Overall). 

A good prep race today at Lakeside leading into the two National Junior Series races with Coteau-du-Lac coming in two weeks followed soon after by Junior Nationals in Gatineau, Quebec.

Here are more photos from the day:

Sarah excited to be racing!

The boys in T1.

John in T2.

David heading out onto the run course.

Derek leading the way to the finish.

Sarah running faster then ever!